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Call of Duty 4

A aparut Call of Duty 4. Iata ce se zice pe

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare wakes us up faster than a cup of coffee and plunges us into over the top combat scenarios in which terrorists launch rockets, unload countless rounds of ammunition and chuck grenades faster than Kobe Bryant fires jump shots. Just peeking around a corner results in five, sometimes ten evildoers assaulting our location with more lead than Chinese toys, and although we died numerous times, we never aborted the mission, because no matter how frustrated we became, COD4 is too damn good to ignore.

Unlike previous Call of Duty games, which take place during World War II, this fourth installment occurs in modern times, where a psycho named Zakhaev intends to revive the collapsed Soviet Union by nuking the U.S. Your tour of duty features two intertwining campaigns that have you controlling a U.S. soldier in the Middle East and a British grunt deep inside Russia, the former drawing parallels between itself and the war in Iraq, with you laying waste to an insurgency and hunting down Zakhaev's crony, a terrorist named Al-Asad. Battles take place across a host of beautiful locations, including a large ocean tanker, dilapidated Middle Eastern cities, inside a TV station and a Russian village. Sometimes, you'll go in guns blazing with stereotypical American bravado, or you'll patiently sneak through an abandoned Russian city, not only avoiding enemies, but also the packs of wild dogs that'll rip out your throat within seconds of tackling you. The entire campaign, all six to seven hours of it, rests within a slick presentation, a story told through satellite images, holographic pictures of military equipment and dramatic music. It looks amazing.

Instead of fighting alone, you'll have fellow soldiers at your side that actually prove useful. Yes, your actions push the story forward, but your buddies are smart enough to take cover, flush out the enemy and, for the most part, avoid getting killed, though you'll soon learn that casualties are inevitable, thanks to ruthless artificial intelligence with almost perfect aim and a hatred for westerners. Stick behind cover and they'll follow or toss grenades, sometimes three at a time right into your lap. Or perhaps they'll snipe you through cover, because as you'll discover, there's a huge difference between hard cover (walls of stone, tanks) and soft (sheet metal). Oftentimes, we found ourselves waiting for an enemy to show us his head for a clear shot, and then remembered we could simply blast through the wall.

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